Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello World!

This isn't my first blog. But this is my first post on any blog. I've been thinking about a BLOG since long. Signed up twice with weird and crappy names, but never posted. Infact, while I write this blog, I still have my doubts.
I thought about starting with a satirical piece, but then as always, your humor-filled faculties decide to part ways the moment you need them. So, for the sake of getting started, here I am, rambling about something that would hardly interest the sane ones.
For the record, whatever I post here, now or in the future, are and always will be original, shredded and baked inside my own head. Also, I don't appreciate stealing ideas, 'coz I ain't no pirate.
Also, do post your criticisms and complaints freely, with real names (and not with something like Shahrukh or DiCap). And if you want to share your own article sometime and feel too lazy to write your own blog, this is the place you can count on.

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